FlashDiskAlert 1.01

It alerts you to remove your flash drive when you turn off your computer
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USB flash drives are generally durable and reliable, and in order to keep them working properly and prevent data loss it is important to remove them safely from your computer. And that is what FlashDiskAlert has been made for. With this tool you will never forget to unplug your flash drive. The program monitors your USB flash drives and when you decide to turn off, log off, or shutdown your computer, it interrupts the process and alerts you to remove your USB flash drives safely; which makes it very useful for those moments when you are in a hurry.

Besides that, the program GUI shows on a list the currently mounted flash drives, so you can manually select any of them and remove it safely. You can also log off, restart or turn off your computer from the program.

In the Properties window you can adjust some options. You can select/unselect the events to monitor (log off, restart, and turn off); you can enable/disable sound; you can mute the sound when no USB flash drive is present or if the "Open" button is clicked; and show an icon in the system tray. The last and very useful feature you can find there is "Use the speaker instead of the sound card", which alerts you with a sound from the speaker even if the headphones are connected on your computer.

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  • It interrupts the turn off process and alerts you to remove your USB flash drives safely


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